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Couple Resources
The following resources belong to Retrouvaille International and are provided solely for the private, non-commercial use of couples involved in the Retrouvaille program.

Dialogue Templates

Post Session Posters

Feeling Word Lists

Pleasant Feeling Words

Unpleasant Feelings Words

For Conflict Management Worksheets click each of the following:

Conflict Management Worksheet Steps 1 & 2

Conflict Management Worksheet Step 3

Conflict Management Worksheet Step 4

Conflict Management Worksheet Step 5

Conflict Management Worksheet Step 6

1000's of Dialogue Questions for after the Post Sessions

An excellant Dialogue Question to help you get in touch with
what had the most impact on your spouse during the day is:

"What happened that led to my strongest feeling today (in one sentence)? Describe that feeling fully using PIM." (Could be used everyday)


Resources for the Santa Cruz/Monterey Retrouvaille Community

Resources for the San Francisco Retrouvaille Community

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